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Anthony O'Dugan


Because Print is Better Than Digital

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

I’ve never been a bookworm. No one would have ever accused me of that. Prolific in other arenas, perhaps, but not in the realm of reading. I always preferred writing and I liked my own stories because they were immersive. I did read, of course, just not as voraciously, say, as my wife. One day when we were in the garage, I asked her — as I peered through a great many see-through, mega-sized, plastic storage containers — if we had any books from Shakespeare. …


from CRAVE 2: Forbidden Secrets

Photo by Jon Ly on Unsplash

Do you know how I watch you when we are out in public?
How the way that you walk arouses me?
Your body is a seductive masterpiece in motion
And it makes me CRAVE you everywhere we are.
I watch you, as your eyes scan the aisles and the multitude of prices.
I imagine us alone, kissing
At first…
I take your hand in mine and you see the look in my eye
And you know
I want you.
The subtle kiss that I place upon your lips
Lets you know
That I must have you
When my hand reaches behind your head
And grabs a fistful of…


Letters of Love to the One I Love

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

I love you because you care.
I love you because you listen.
I love you because you share.
I love you because your smile brings me back home. Whenever I see it, my soul knows you more.
I love you because you are open and can talk to me about anything.
I love you because you always offer me another perspective to consider.
I love you because you crack me up, especially when you crack yourself up.
I love you because you have a kind and loving heart. You give in ways others don’t know how to.
I love you…


The Truth Will Set You Free

Oliver, Lucy, Jax (bottom)

I grew up with dogs. Ever since I was a child, I have had a dog. Until now. Now I have three cats. It’s an important enough fact that I included it in my bio — you know, that super sacred space that Medium gives us to basically tweet our entire existence. That little spot below your picture that people read quickly and might decide whether to follow you or not. That bio.

Why is having cats a big deal?
Allow me to share…

Ever hear: huuuhwwwwllllt…haaaalllllwuhh…hooooouhhhh..uuuu…uack in the middle of the night? If…

Anthony O'Dugan

Self-Reflection • Erotica • Poetry • Inspirational … I write. I love. I cook. I live. I have been taken hostage by 3 cats. Send help. Editor @pollinatemagazine

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