Anthony O'Dugan


Because Print is Better Than Digital

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I’ve never been a bookworm. No one would have ever accused me of that. Prolific in other arenas, perhaps, but not in the realm of reading. I always preferred writing and I liked my own stories because they were immersive. I did read, of…



I drank all your hate
a little too late
for the Great Debate

I guess I’ll just masturbate
to get off my chest
all that’s on my plate.

Wouldn’t a spaceship be great
to finally escape
the grip of your ghastly game?

Will it ever be the same
as it was…


made with Canva

I cried a tear for you today
After you took my happiness away.
I thought there would be more
For when tears flow they seldom know when or how to stop.

This single tear,
As it slid down my cheek,
Angled awkwardly,
And as it trickled into my ear,
Told of but one shade…

Anthony the Angel Guy

I almost forgot who I was. I almost forgot how to love.

I am entirely overdue for an ‘About Me’ article but this isn’t that. I have a digital library here on Medium full of my writing (280 stories to date) so I’m no stranger around these parts. I am, perhaps, under viewed but I know time will change that. So what…



I want to live forever
in your sparkle.

It’s your shine that reminds
me to hold onto mine.

You remind me of
all of the love
I used to have
once upon a time

When I was
a different shade
of blue
When I showed
you what I
knew was true…

Anthony O'Dugan

I love to rhyme, often sensually. I have to write, otherwise insanity. I leave my heart on paper. Feel free to feel my feels. I comment lovingly and completely.

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