Break These Precious Chains

Life, right now, in all the Universe, here we are

Anthony O'Dugan
2 min readMay 15

I live happy and
I live free
because I’ve spent my life
breaking the chains
that were born with my wrists
And here where I find myself
Haughty and able to reflect,
I do direct my first gaze inward
And chuckle aloud for now I see —
the final chain is life itself
for we are entwined in the spiral
toward not-life
or whatever more fit term
might apply.

For is not that the ultimate
that chips aplenty
or bank run dry:
Life is the lock,
Death is the key?

The metaphorical chains
unlink from time and space
bringing us closer to the firm
and final face of Death itself
on horseback
winged and glowing
calcite beaming as if knowing
our state of anxious wonder.

What if this is the only time
that all of the parts that make you,
You —
What if this is the only time
that they come together
in the perfect harmony
or organized chaos
that we allow them to exist
as what I would call, my Me?

If that is so
then what is control
to trillions and trillions
of moving parts,
do you even want to try
to hold the reins
on something so prized
as the consciousness
that holds together
the being?

Yet we do
each and every day
because we are well-ordered
when it comes to having a day
and let’s not forget
that we can reflect
which is a marvel
in itself, indeed.

Life before —
Life after —
But seriously…
Life right now.

It’s fucking precious.

Act like it.

— agod



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