Cheers to that!

And Ray, I say this as a huge admirer of your work, your writing, and your craft: that means a tremendous amount coming from you. I am grateful to share in this oscillating symbiosis of writer and reader with you.

If yet have you heard of your presence; if never has anyone had the opportunity to say; in reflection of what I witness, as Universe gazing upon itself: what you are is remarkable. Your eyes and mind guide your heart to see the world in interesting and beautiful ways. No matter how many times you press a key, no matter how many words you write, no matter if the whole world sees or just you and I — know this, my friend: I see you. Your voice is being heard and sung back in harmony. Keep vibing high. 🙏

I love to rhyme, often sensually. I have to write, otherwise insanity. I leave my heart on paper. Feel free to feel my feels. I comment lovingly and completely.