Everything You Do Is Golden

Photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash

I want to remind you that “everything you do is Golden.” And I want to remind you of that now. Especially if you might be feeling vulnerable, alone, or maybe just a little “off,” if there’s any way to put it: At any moment in your life — no matter how long you’ve lived or will live — you are gifted with one of the most ultimate of powers. You have the Power to Be. It doesn’t sound like much really, just two little letters, “B” and “e,” one all puffed-up and important looking, and the other one that seems to always be creeping into every word. “B…” “…e,” just Be.

What Power is there in just “being?”

Being is more than simply existing. Existing is just a fancy prerequisite to “be-ing.” As luck would have it, you already have that covered. To “be” is to carve out an experience from the reality you have been given and to grow and expand and learn and teach and share and love and breathe and enjoy. If you are not enjoying — what are you doing? Where can you find joy? Of course, it is possible ‘to be’ and not to enjoy, but it feels less lonely where there is joy. From this experience of life and of Be-ing, we see that we can derive joy from simply Be-ing. At any moment, we can bring joy to our lives simply by recognizing and appreciating our own existence, in whatever form that may take. Then we realize that we can Be anything we want in any moment. Ask yourself, what makes me happy? What do I love? What can I Be, do, or choose that can bring me one of those things and to which I can bring to it my joy?

While you self-reflect in this way you next do something for which you are completely unaware. As if a gigantic neon light appeared in the sky over your head, a beacon of light shines out into the cosmos for others to see. Simply by Be-ing and recognizing your Be-ing, you begin the path of illumination. Those for whom you have special affinities for increase their illumination simply by witnessing yours. Others may be lost or wary or tired or alone and upon witnessing your light, they are given illumination that helps them re-ignite. Everything you do is golden because you are always helping others keep their flame lit by taking good care of yours.

This is the life we live — each our own tale we tell. What can we do, what can we be, what can we change, what do we want, what do we need? Every moment, every experience is another opportunity for us to weave new patterns into the fabric of our existence. We have so much hope and so much possibility. What tale will you tell?

Keep the light on. Stay golden.

© Anthony O’Dugan 2021

I love to rhyme, often sensually. I have to write, otherwise insanity. I leave my heart on paper. Feel free to feel my feels. I comment lovingly and completely.

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