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  • Anastasia


    A chaotic English major with a passion for learning and creativity. I write poetry, reviews, commentary, and research on art, culture, and technology.

  • Oli Chen

    Oli Chen

    In the wind. En el viento. / Writer. Poet. Spiritual. Wandering. Moments collector.

  • Vincent Kühl

    Vincent Kühl

    Best Selling Author in the category of Nothing. Short stories, thoughts and, poems.

  • Melissa Steussy

    Melissa Steussy

    Author of Let Your Privates Breathe-Breaking the Cycle of Addiction and Family dysfunction. Join Medium here:

  • Colleen Killingsworth

    Colleen Killingsworth

    Obsessed with examining all facets of the human experience//There is no spoon. Formerly at Fox TV Stations & @Timeline_Now.

  • Saba


    I love poetry. I write about love, nature, women, mental health, education and anything that intrigues me. I am an educator and a lifelong learner.

  • Heather Martin (@cadenzacreates)

    Heather Martin (@cadenzacreates)

    Believer in human potential and the power of words.

  • Stefanese


    Live Laugh Lore | Writing about Satire I NeuroScience I Relationships I Find me on Pinterest:

  • Andawn F.

    Andawn F.

    An avid reader, Haiku writer, world traveler, Kung Fu learner, and Koala lover. Join me on Medium:

  • Chelsea Marie

    Chelsea Marie

    Writer, poet, dreamer, wanderer, nerd. Follow me for writing prompts and challenges ✍️

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