Forgiveness She was Called

The Many Sisters of Darkness

I had become accustomed
to finding my way
through the dark,
knowing only words
of venom and spite.

When I first saw her
I was blinded
rather, reluctantly reminded
of the power of the light.

“Who are you?”
I asked, sincerely
I didn’t know.

she said, I love you
and her kindness
began to show.

She approached closer
on a night I was bathed
in sin,
I began to speak
but she pressed her finger
against my lips,
resting on my chin.

She told me how she
had been watching me
in my agonizing ways,
how her heart hurt
for mine and
the sad music
that it played.

She asked me if
she could show me how
to let it all be gone,
I cried a lifetime
of broken hope
in a darkness
that never dawned.

“Please,” I begged
as tears fell freshly from my soul.
I never knew
just what to do
to make my pieces

She smiled
and lit the world
I was charmed and taken
by the glory of her gaze.
Then she spoke,
in a tongue of many ways:

Bring me to it,
to that which troubles you.
We’ll cut the ties and loosen the lies
and get more back for you.

Then, take me inside of you
Let me shine where my brothers be;
Say my name unto yourself
And set the prisoner free.

One by one,
I did as she did say,
I introduced her to
all my woes,
and two by two
they went away.

When I invited her inside
it was almost too much to
I was fearful
at first,
that my heart would
shatter and

With a loving touch
she reminded me
that she was of the Light,

so I freed the prisoner inside
and then knew I’d be

Forgiveness, sweet and gentle,
I thank you for loving me.
Thank you for showing
the path back,
and how to let myself

© agod

I love to rhyme, often sensually. I have to write, otherwise insanity. I leave my heart on paper. Feel free to feel my feels. I comment lovingly and completely.

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