His Name is Frustration

My Darkness Has Many Names

Photo by Gage Walker on Unsplash

I dive, I delve, my breath is held
As I feel you drawing near.
My Hope she sees your
Frog Crown smile,
The one thing
that she Fears.

Breath is sacred to all but you
For Gratitude never visits your expression.
I’ve heard nothing but things untrue, from you
now it’s time for your confession.

You are a drowning sensation
My Frustration,
You poison my air
with wet.

You avalanche your entry
Expecting some type of applause.
You’ve vanquished all my sentry
and now, sir, you can kindly fuck off.

© agod

30 Day Poetry Challenge

Day 1: Delving into the watery realms of emotion

Thank you to Jupiter Grant for the daily challenges and to keep me writing on this series of Emotions. Thank you also to Diana C. for the 30 Day Challenge.

Denise G Tree Langdon

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