No, We are Souls

We’re not puppets on strings

Whether man waking up lame
Or woman screaming alone
We all suffer the same
When we put gender upon the throne.

Roles are defined like scripts in a play
Dictating our choices,
And what we can say.
Restricting our voices
To take them away
Labeling our differences:
Straight, bi, or gay.

Preference and desire are burned in hellfire
“Your body must be used like this.”
We die each day before we expire
Put to bed with not even a kiss.

Tell me again why you get to choose
How tight you hold and pull on the noose,
When no one can win, we suffer to lose
Who died and made you Zeus?

Our bodies are ours for none to control
Our voices speak volumes of disdain
We’re more than flesh upon bone — we’re Soul
To think otherwise is fucking insane.

© Anthony O’Dugan 2021

I love to rhyme, often sensually. I have to write, otherwise insanity. I leave my heart on paper. Feel free to feel my feels. I comment lovingly and completely.

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