Sail Your Flag With Me


Anthony O'Dugan
2 min readJun 2, 2023


DALL·E 2023–06–01 20.17.53 — PROMPT: terrified man running away from a giraffe-octopus hybrid creature, photo realistic || Entitled: WHAT THE SHIT?!

I needed to write
so I pleaded my rights
to those who hold throne
of words left alone at home
with no one to look to or hear
or to talk to with no one to call
their name so what then do they do
but gather all round and come all together
and make all the sounds that our ears are all
equipped to hear and then think then say then speak
what a wonder is the world when woven like the spark
we all wield inside somewhere deep within the deep within
we fight
we sing
we make our art.

Let me then craft for you a special hat for you to wear to the induction
let this be your introduction to the function of all things in conjunction
I can do this all day so let me break from the pain let me sing the refrain
to get out what’s inside this brain can the doctor revive my monster who died who lives still inside like a ghost playing puppet to survive but who
keeps on the light when we say that we will and we sleep through the night
then the fire burns away…