Thank you for this and for creating a place I can call home. I am honored and humbled to be here with all of the greats.

Elle Beau, Jupiter Grant, Denise G, Eva Rotolo, Lindsay Soberano-Wilson, Amber Embers, Edward Riley, Demeter deLune, Eroticlit, Ann Marie Steele, Patrick M. Ohana, Nosh Komen, Shirley, Zara Everly, Mysterious Witt, Sarene B. Arias, Angelina Der Arakelian, Miss Moreno (so many more, so many, ALL great).

Though unordered in remembrance, each of you have given me something special in your writing. I don't know any of you personally, but from your words and thoughts I know parts of your souls and that is the greatest, sweetest, most sincere gift anyone can give another. Thank you all for pouring your hearts into your work. Thank you all for being here, now, in this moment. I adore each of you.