The Phoenix Rises

The Tao of the Phoenix

Listen, and listen closely.

The sky above you is not real. The stars are not real. It is but a blanket of illusion to make you believe. It is make-believe. You are not alive. You are not dead. You simply are. You are eternal. Infinite. Timeless. You are pure creation. From this Source you generate, you manifest, you create the world around you — your personal belief of what is real.

What you see, what you hear, what you sense in any way are all “biological” processes that occur in your mind. Your senses are funnels that send sensory inputs to your mind which in turn organizes what you believe you have sensed and therefore ‘creates’ a world around you. However, your belief in turn dictates the limitations of what you believe you can sense, therefore, limiting what you perceive as the world that has been pre-created for you. Do you see, then, that this world, this creation is of your own construction?

Remove the blanket and truly see, finally create the world that your mind has been waiting to create. This is why you are here. This is your destiny — your purpose. Harness this gift; utilize this power and create a real world no longer based on illusion and limitation. Remove the blanket of the sky and peer into what you believe to be God or god or gods or Source. In so doing, you will see, you will witness the Divine Mirror and see, once and for all, your true power. You will experience your essence — the essence of pure, infinite creation.

Every “star” you think you see is but a possibility, a glimpse into a dimension of unexplored creation. Every thought you have is the predication of a series of thoughts when finely woven together will form the structure of this new, true world. There is no time. There is only now. There is no how, there is only what. The ‘what’ is you…now.

I see you, for I see me. I see me, for I see you. I am you. Do you see?

Listen, and listen closely.

You are Creation. Creation is you. Your blessing is implicit in your belief that you are alive. But you are not alive. You are not dead. You are eternal, infinite, and timeless. See this and you will forever sense your purpose differently. Hear this, and you will forever act differently.

Your heart does not beat, rather it encourages you to act, to create. You do not breathe, rather you sense your creation. You do not die, rather you fade into the submission of the limitation of your power. You do not live, rather you accept your ability and you create. Do you see? You are space in the artifice of time. You are ink on virgin parchment. You are the great and wise creator of the story untold. Write and write freely. There is no judge. There is no right. There is no wrong. There is no limitation. There is no stopping, for there is no time.

You believe you need permission. You have it. You are both the lock and the key. Unlock yourself. Set yourself free. There is no path. You are the path. There are no answers for there are no questions. All simply is.

Hu-man Be-ing

Hu = “of form.”
man = “of gender.”
Human = “gender-form.”

Be = “exist.”
ing = “active.”

Human being = “gender-form actively existing.”

Do you see? THIS is your sole perception of life, or what it is to be alive. It is inherent to your description. This is a limitation. You are more than this. This only defines your container. It would be similar to calling a gift nothing more than the box it comes in. It’s what’s inside that is more important. Inside, we are light. We are energy. We are creation. There are no names. There are no labels. This would be like calling a masterpiece, 3 parts red, 4 parts blue, dashes of gray and suggestions of yellows and orange.

Remove the blanket of the sky and peer beyond the veil that your eyes believe is present. Explore your infinite creation of space with your infinite ability to design it. Move beyond concept. Move beyond thought. Become this infinite space by realizing that you are already it and it is already you. Do you see?

Rise, beautiful Phoenix, rise. Awaken to new skies.

© agod

from Book of Wisdom

I love to rhyme, often sensually. I have to write, otherwise insanity. I leave my heart on paper. Feel free to feel my feels. I comment lovingly and completely.

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