The Power of Names

“Words are Magical — that’s why we Spell them.”

There is an immense and immutable power in being “called.”

Your name, a word; letters falling from left-over lips laid lusciously aloft the tickle —
of your whisper,
as it slides silkily from tongue to teeth.

I bite
I lick
I taste
I keep the sound
to whirl and swirl
around my lips
to fill
my cheeks — the very
with what they
were made
to hold.

The buttercream frosting
of the smooth delight
of your sound,
your hard letters
and soft,
the oos
and the ees
and the aas —
passion-filled passion fruit
to mine ears!

To suckle the taste
of the sounds
of your
like watermelon fantasies
on a sweltering summer

Lips parched beyond
sore to sky
and bitten
by the teeth of the
the wind,
would gladly hold
even your lemon-twist
upon them.

Succulent strawberries settled atop
sensually sacred
as your name
thus pours out
of me.

I try to eat it,
but instead it

© agod

There are certain names that I say that make me feel this way. If you are tagged then your name has power in my breath. I say your name. How do you say mine?

Quick time out, shout-out, and the first name on my list of names I love to say: Happy Medium-Anniversary Yael Wolfe! (pronounced YIE-el)

More names I love to say for the words that they conjure when I do…

Jupiter Grant Denise G Ann Marie Steele Ray Harvey Sarah L. Harvey Lindsay Soberano-Wilson Sarene B. Arias Trista Signe Ainsworth Tree Langdon Jennifer McDougall jenine bsharah baines Barbara Dalton Zara Everly Meghan Madness Eva Rotolo Diana C. Gaby Rogut Omosivie Edebiri

And most of all, I wouldn’t be back on Medium if it wasn’t for Kathryn Dickel. Her Light made mine shine brighter to get here.


I love to rhyme, often sensually. I have to write, otherwise insanity. I leave my heart on paper. Feel free to feel my feels. I comment lovingly and completely.

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