This Angry Wind

Listen to Her Blow



She only shouts in echoes
And screams her howl in reverse
Through every fiber of fancy fabric that
I was well-rehearsed to buy.
She rips and tears
And throws her scorn
Like fired-daggers at anything she can get her
Wicked hands on.
This angry wind
Is calling out her foes
Any who dare defy her
She will well up and swallow.
Fear hear and hear her
Screaming through the constellations
Sworn to duty below her breast.
This angry wind
Wants notice.
Take what you love
And huddle it close
For she decides when
The end is the end.

Not me.

— agod



Anthony O'Dugan

— agod. Poet. Philosopher. Polymath. Empath. Chefish. Author. Chess lover. D&D fanatic. Love is my religion. 🙏 I don't want to have to explain why I'm famous.