Words Matter

Ye Words of Olde

Anthony O'Dugan
2 min readApr 27
Words Matter | “words scattered like butterflies at dusk, floating, shimmer, glimmer, hope, beauty, words, words, letters, happiness, peace, calm, colorful, picasso meets impressionism” — Dall-E & author

O! Come to me Ye words of olde
Let me bathe in your beauty bellowed
Lay me down in your amber-crested fields
To take the soul of this poor fellow.

Who will come to possess these purchased poems
Waiting to confess themselves upon the lone
Shores of our affinity for uttering unmuted utterings —
When will one ring rule them all?

Circles of conformed chaos ensorcell the soul
Tongue — ensnared, tangled, tied like a bow
What sort of second-hand sorcery is this
That my heart has been sold to ‘ye olde’ with a kiss?

With words properly in hand, I wish to declare
that I will do my due diligence to deliver with care
my attention,
to you,
dear reader, thank you for joining me.

Words Matter

A twist of a phrase
or the turn of a tale
matters the most
to those, e’en turned tail.
Spectate your feast upon
the spectral beast unleashed:
the black swan of peace passed on
through the underdark of dawn
where the night draws long…
where the moon sings a song
to the sun for the morning to come
where you cannot unsee what I’ve done
for here we are together — alone,
to where I thank you for coming along.

Words matter.

Use the best words. That’s what they’re for.

You are an exceptional person. Thank you for reading. Thank you for making my day. I hope yours is wonderful too. 🙏

Happy National Poetry Month! | Just write!

— agod



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