Writer’s Block is Imaginary

Just Another Brick in the Wall

Anthony O'Dugan
3 min readJun 15, 2021
Image by Prawny from Pixabay

Write something! they say.

Before we poke ya like a donkey!

I don’t even know what that means. It’s one thing to have voices in your head, another thing entirely if they’re all bonkers. This is the merry menagerie of maddened minds that I listen to, in inward reverse-stereo, in my earbrains.

As I was saying…

Writer’s block is not, in fact, a real thing. It is quite imaginary. Truly. Where does it exist or reside if not in your mind? Is it a set of eeewy-gray cinder blocks attached to your hands keeping you from writing? Is it a surprise double eye patch that you are suddenly wearing and now you can’t see? Are you a robot and you don’t have enough RAM to process emotions? Pick, peck, pack. Tip, tap, type. Monkeys. Typewriters. Shakespeare. ‘Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.’ (thank you, The Office)

Writer’s block, if it exists at all, does so in the false-mind, insofar as it can be considered a “block.” Perhaps it is most often imagined as a wall, rather than a block — an impenetrable shield keeping the hungry writer from the manna of words. Words whose calls are muted. Their fires are put out. Their desires are contained and restrained and detained from visitation. Where does more power exist than in this wall?

What if this wall was made of bricks (or “blocks”) like many walls are. It’s imaginary anyway, right? So imagine it is made of bricks. Now imagine taking one of those bricks out of the wall. Just cutscene to that moment. You are holding a brick that you just pulled from a wall and now there is a brick-sized hole in the wall. You can see through it, but is it enough?

What is this imaginary brick made of? I’m glad you asked. Remember those bonkers men from before? Well, they know what the brick is made of.


they say. I think it has been shown that this idea, the concept of Writer’s Block, is just that — a concept. It resides in the mind, it’s not a real thing. It is only a thought, a perceived limitation. Un-perceive it. Re-imagine it.



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